an empty room with a ruined view (omgstephanie) wrote in hipvrocks,
an empty room with a ruined view

August 18, 2005
@ Knitting Factory

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joseph????!! playing guitar?! what is this..?
and roberto playing drums?
and no guitar?
feel free to explain ALL of this to me! :D
during one song, Rob plays a little drum solo (though it isn't really a solo because Spencer's playing too) while Joe just strums the guitar. hahaha.
this saddens me that I will miss them on tour.. now I won't get to hear these things. and they are so great and other extreme adjectives.

damn school!
lol well from what my friend said was rob played drums with spencer for top 5 addictions and joe just held the guitar and didnt play. they just messed around alittle an put on a good performance
thats such a good song.

and HURRAY for your icon.. i approve! *thumbs up*
haha thanks
I just noticed: What's the tattoo on Mike's arm?
It's a filmstrip.
NJ in one piece, a music note in another, and beatles lyrics in the third.
Joe on guitar. awsome. lol.
awsome pics! <3
Joe on the guitar and Rob on the drums, i fucking LOVE IT hahah.
Nice pictures dear.
your pictures are fantastic. i was there and mine on the other hand did not come out that great hahah.
thanks =)
i adore joe... but he definitely looks ungainly holding a guitar.
in the one picture he looks like "okay, i've got the guitar. now what?"
love the pictures.