Jess (delicate_lisp) wrote in hipvrocks,

Pleae sign this! (even if you don't know what it is, just sign!)

i'm sure, not many of you have ever been to the Harmony Grange in Wilmington, DE but it is one of the places I go to for shows all the time. The owners are considering not allowing the tenants use of the building anymore. (HIPV, Mae, The Early November, Brand New, Bear Vs. Shark, The Sleeping, Houston Calls, Dat At The Fair and many other bands have played shows at this venue several times in the past and I, along with several hundred others, was looking forward to seeing them play there in the future.) If you could just add your name to this petition it would be greatly appreciated by all of us Delaware kids who have nothing to do as it is. It may not change the minds of the owners, but we're all going to give it our best shot! If you don't do this for anyone, do it for the sake of spreading good music.

Jessica from DE

(if this sort of thing isn't allowed, just delete this post. I was just hoping other music lovers might help us Delawareans out...)
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